"AMI has been in the mechanical engineering design/build business for over 15 years and without R-TECH’s welding & fabrication capabilities and expertise, we would not be able to develop high performance custom machines for our clients."

Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Taylor Jones, Engineering Manager

Welding Capabilities

Full Weld Shop

We offer a complete range of welding services such as: multi-process stick welding, TIG, MIG, flux-cored, submerged arc, and high-speed gas metal arc welding, and gouging weld services. All of these services are conducted in-house from start to finish, utilizing our robotic welding equipment, high-tech amp supplies, and skilled full-time welders.


Carbon Steel Welding

Carbon steel welding is our specialty. In line with ISO-9001 regulations, we always use 100% American made steel to provide our customers with top notch products they can trust. From welding carbon steel pipe, to rods, and buckets, we are highly experienced in carbon steel metalworking. Fabricating mild steel or low carbon steel is conducted using our proven arc welding processes: stick, TIG, and MIG techniques. Although we specialize in carbon steel welding, we also work with other materials such as stainless and special alloys based on our customers’ demands.


Robotic Welding Centers & Automated Welding

Two robotic welding centers: Robots - Lincoln Robotic Cell Fanuc Robot Arc Mate 100iBe and Robots - Motoman Robotic Welding Cell & Positioner allow us to weld large parts with optimal precision and accuracy. These automated welding solutions improve first-pass weld quality and enable us to turnaround your welded part quickly.


Our high-tech robotic welding systems allow us to provide the most advanced industrial welding performance. Ultimately, robotic welding increases the time we can turn around your welded part, as well as our capability to weld large parts of practically any size. In a temperature controlled environment, weldments are measured to assure they meet the required specifications.


AWS Certified Welders

Our team is comprised of experts with years of industry experience. Our AWS certified welders, ensure that we put forth the highest quality of skills to satisfy our customers.


The success of a welding project often comes down to the skillset behind the welder. That’s why our team is comprised of AWS certified welders and organized welding stations to assure that your parts are being welded to meet your exact specifications.



At R-TECH, we specialize in welding large component parts. Our CMM system allows us to offer extremely advanced precision that is conducted in a temperature controlled environment to assure that each weldment produced meets the required specifications.


Welding Assembly

Need a component assembled? Our team can assemble your newly manufactured or welded equipment. Our in-house assembly service eliminates hassle and reduces assembly time on your clock.


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