"Due to the uniqueness of our designs, we avoid costly redesigns and rebuilds. Therefore, the first build is the last build and our machines work and perform as they were designed to every time they’re manufactured. The consistency of our products is a direct result of R-TECH’s capabilities and in-house Mazak Versatech machine."

Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Taylor Jones, Engineering Manager

Mazak Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill

12' x 20' x 6' Under Rail

Machines Large Parts Up to 60,000lbs

The Mazak Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill allows us to provide advanced 5-axis machining using the latest machining technology on the market. "Manufacturing large parts is not just what we do, it’s how we’re revolutionizing the machining industry." Doug Routh
Owner, Director of Sales
Our facility holds one of the few privately owned machines of its' kind. With such state-of-the-art capabilities, we are able to bring new meaning to large part manufacturing, building parts few companies are capable of producing.


Manufacturing large parts is not just what we do, it’s how we’re revolutionizing the machining industry. There is virtually no part too large that we can’t handle. From rail cars to buckets, poles to booms, we are versatile in our ability to serve customers from all industries.


Choose Versatech:

For our customers, a timely turnaround is extremely important, but precision can never be sacrificed. At R-TECH, we invested in the Mazak Versatech V-140N to serve our customers to the best of our ability. With this advanced technology, we machine large parts daily, and we do so with extreme efficiency and accuracy.


Proven Mazak Efficiency

The time it takes to machine cast iron and non-ferrous materials has been greatly diminished, due to the machine's fast cutting feed rate and impressive spindle speed. Non-cutting machining is also visibly faster, thanks to the integration of a computer-programmed command center, allowing for optimal machining at all times.


Mazak Versatech V-140N Specifications:

  • Holds over 60,000lbs
  • Table size 122.05" x 236.22" or 122.05" x 393.70"
  • Heavy-duty 30 ton crane available for loading parts
  • 50 hp, 10,000 rpm spindle with 30 tool magazine capacity
  • Multiple-surface 5-axis double column machine center
  • Continuous rotation for full C-axis machining
  • High speed, accuracy, and rigidity
  • Mazatrol matrix standard equipment


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