"R-TECH Tool and Machine has provided us high-quality fabricated parts on a consistent basis throughout the country."

Renzo Grando, Production Manager

Theme Park

For years, we have been manufacturing large parts for theme parks. Our ability to match the exact specifications needed for ride components, has made us a leading machine shop for the amusement park industry.


Manufacturing, Machining, and Repair

We machine, manufacture, and repair components. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep that ferris wheel turning or that zipper running. Whether you’re needing a new 30 foot pole for the ferris wheel or heavy-duty seats for the new sizzler, we can manufacture, machine, and repair parts quickly and accurately.


At R-TECH, we believe that whatever can be dreamed, can be built. And with our privately owned Mazak Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill, we are able to make what is often thought as the impossible, possible. This machining giant can manufacture parts up to 60,000lbs that are within 12' x 20' x 6' dimensions. The time it takes to machine cast iron and non-ferrous materials has been greatly diminished, due to the machine's fast cutting feed rate and impressive spindle speed. Non-cutting machining is also visibly faster, thanks to the integration of a computer-programmed command center, allowing for optimal machining at all times. With such state-of-the-art technology we provide our theme park and carnival ride customers with high quality products, turned around in half the time compared to industry standards.


Prototyping New Amusement Park Attractions

"Think outside the box. Every day is a new adventure." Steven
Engineering Supervisor
Building a new carnival ride or theme park attraction? Think outside the box. Everyday is a new adventure. Our team of experts and engineers can even help you design and engineer a new ride to introduce to the industry.


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