"When R-TECH purchased the 5-axis Mazak Versatech Bridge Mill, this opened up a whole new world of opportunities for developing our one-off machines."

Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Taylor Jones, Engineering Manager

In-House Capabilities

Full-Service Machine Shop

Our in-house capabilities include: large part manufacturing, CNC machining, welding and fabrication, engineering, fixture design and support, prototyping, product assembly, painting, blasting and finishing, and quality measurement control. And yes, all of these services are offered through our centrally located full-service machine shop located in Wamego, Kansas.


Cutting Edge Technology

In our office, we’re able to see where your product is in the production process at the touch of a screen.


Say Goodbye to Downtime & Delays

This means zero downtime and no delays. Our team will work with you directly from the beginning of the project until it is on its way to your location.


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