"R-TECH is an invaluable partner in our development efforts. As soon as we have the requirements from our customer we start working with Doug, R-TECH Owner, and his staff, to develop a solution from concept through physical build. This relationship allows us to deliver unique solutions that our customers have come to expect from AMI."

Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Taylor Jones, Engineering Manager

Prototype Engineering

At R-TECH Tool & Machine, our team of engineers can help you bring your product idea to life. We have created our own in-house fixuring components equipment, allowing us to seamlessly fabricate and engineer a product prototype to fit your exact specifications.


Embrace Your Vision

Have a vision? Our team has the resources to help you research and develop your ideas. At R-TECH, we can build anything.


We’ll Draft the Plans

As your partner, we can assist in drawing your prototype with a full set of plans. Our SolidWorks 3D modeling software allows us to build something to your exact specifications or research optimal specifications for your desired results.


Let’s Build Your Prototype

Like what you see? We can take your idea to the next level, by engineering your prototype. When developing new a new component or machine with our team, you’ll work closely with our engineers to perfect the manufacturability of the product. We have helped our clients bring their ideas to market with our in-house engineering fixtures and tooling.


From drawing a full set of plans, to actually creating your product, our team is equipped to build and engineer your test product from start to finish. Our in-house capabilities ultimately quicken the time-frame it will take to bring your new part or product to market.


Give us a call to take advantage of our advanced prototyping services.


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