"AMI has been in the mechanical engineering design/build business for over 15 years and without R-TECH’s welding & fabrication capabilities and expertise, we would not be able to develop high performance custom machines for our clients."

Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Taylor Jones, Engineering Manager

30 Ton Cranes

Heavy-Duty Crane Power

Heavy lifting? No problem. At our machine shop, we lift and hoist heavy materials onto our Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill on a daily basis.


Heavy Lifting Power

Our multi-ton cranes lift and move large parts within our facility and onto our machinery. Having such heavy-duty cranes on-site, makes manufacturing large parts a simple process. Our machine shop is equipped with two 30 ton cranes, one 5 ton crane, and 19 jib cranes with 1 ton hoisting power. Our 30 ton cranes are ideal for placing large parts up to 60,000lbs onto the Mazak Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill platform.


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