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Today, our company is stronger than ever. Machining parts up to 60,000 lbs for a variety of industries, we are proud to be considered the machine shop of choice for major manufacturers.


R-TECH made the biggest investment in the company’s history. Purchasing the Mazak Versatech V-140N Bridge Mill expanded the machine shops’ large part capabilities.


Over 20 years ago, R-TECH was proudly founded by the Routh family.

History of R-TECH

The Routh Family

Built on Family Values

At R-TECH, we're family. And as a family-owned business, we strive to be the best, generation after generation. For over 20 years, we have helped businesses from across the nation by providing quality services. However, our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction stems from our family values.


Our family believes in caring, working as a team, striving to be the best, advancing our knowledge, and respecting others all things we’ve embraced at R-TECH. "Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction stems from our family values." Doug Routh
Owner & Founder
Internally, we work as a team and strength stems from the stable work environment we’ve built from the ground up. Eric Ryser, Safety & Training Supervisor shares, "employees see where the vision of where the company is headed and it is always moving forward." Externally, we care for our customers and serve them to the best of our abilities and when we work with a new client they too are treated like family.


A Key Turning Point in Time

Looking back on how we grew up to be the company we are today, 2008 was a big turning point for our company. In 2008, our business became more than just a small-town, family-owned machine shop.


"In our office, we’re able to see where your product is in the production process at the touch of a screen." Eric Ryser
Safety & Training Supervisor

With the purchase of the Mazak Versatech V-140N, a mere $3 million investment, we were able to expand our services, as well as our clientele. Not only did the new machine allow for an expanded crew, but the Versatech dramatically enhanced our large part, multi-face machining capabilities. When we invest in equipment, we do so to meet our customers needs.


The V-140N model includes a multiple-surface 5-axis double column machining center, designed to increase our operators' daily productivity by reducing the amount of machining time it takes to alter materials.


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