"R-TECH Tool and Machine has provided us high-quality fabricated parts on a consistent basis throughout the country."

Renzo Grando, Production Manager


Our wide range of equipment allows us to manufacture or design almost any component needed for maneuvering the railway.


Large Part Machining

Need a heavy-duty rail component or part manufactured? Large precision machining is what we love to do. The Mazak Versatech is capable of machining large parts over 60,000lbs. Such large scale machining is done extremely quickly compared to industry standards, and is measured with extreme accuracy, down to the micron.


Welding & Steel Fabrication

As a full-service welding and fabrication shop we offer custom steel fabrication services to meet the harsh demands of the railway. From fabricating parts for a rail car to welding steel rails, we are able to provide you with custom weld and fab services to meet your needs.


5-Axis CNC Machining

Our advanced machine tools such as our: horizontal machine centers and high-speed CNC lathes are ideal for jobs requiring 5-axis CNC machining. From our CNC milling service to 5-axis machining for high rail components, we are ready for your next CNC project.


Design & Engineering

Not only do we manufacture, machine and repair parts, but we also build components from the ground up. As your partner, we can design a rail prototype with a full set of plans. Our 3D modeling allows us to build something to your exact specifications our research optimal specifications for your desired results.


Let us take your idea to the next level, by engineering your prototype. When developing a new component or machine with our team, you’ll work closely with our engineers to perfect the manufacturability of the product. From designing custom rail cars to rail locomotive frames, we have helped our clients bring their ideas to market with our in-house engineering fixtures and tooling.


Visit Our Machine Shop

Come visit us at R-TECH. We are a highly experienced Kansas machine shop, serving rail manufacturers and project managers both regionally and nationwide.


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