"R-TECH was instrumental in starting Custom Mobile Equipment. They provided us with the best quality and on-time parts."

Custom Mobile Equipment
Nathan Dick, Sales/Marketing

Certified Employees

Certified Employees

Years of Industry Experience

Our team is comprised of experts with years of industry experience. For over two decades R-TECH has continued to advance the tool & machine industry by hiring certified experts in the field. With close proximity to Kansas State University, many of our staff members have received their high-quality education locally from K-State. However at our machine shop, we don’t just hire the best, we continue to be the best. To pay it forward, we couple our employee’s academic background with advanced on-site technical training and share our company’s knowledge of industry know-how.


AWS Certified Welders

Our AWS certified welders, ensure that we put forth the highest quality of skills to satisfy our customers. The success of a welding project often comes down to the skillset behind the welder. That’s why our team is comprised of AWS certified welders and organized welding stations to assure that your parts are being welded to meet your exact specifications.


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